Customized North American chemical distribution and global sourcing with a personal touch.

U.S.A. wholesale chemical distributor specialized in worldwide sourcing, cost effective distribution solutions, and marketing partnerships for commodity and specialty chemicals to a wide variety of industries.


THE No Surcharge Promise

Our customers value our no-nonsense approach.

We deliver what we promise, with no hidden charges, or unexpected surcharges. Our dedicated and experienced team will tailor a solution that meets your needs-with no surprises! MORE ABOUT US


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    Imported citric acid in 50lb bags and supersacks at FANTASTIC pricing. USP Kosher, Halal. Granular and Fine Granular. Stocked in multiple USA locations.

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    Silver Fern offers a full line of Heat Transfer fluids including
    (PG), Propylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol (EG), and Heat Transfer Oils. We can provide inhibited or uninhibited lines depending on your system needs.

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    We represent an offshore producer of quality, low cost Fatty Amines. These are primarily sold to USA ethoxylators for manufacture of cationic surfactants, and for use in chemical intermediates, and essential processing aids. Major products are Tallow Amines and Coco Amines.

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  • GLYOXAL 40
    A versatile crosslinker for use in a wide range of industries.

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