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Inhibisphere Corrosion Inhibitors

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We are proud to announce our new status as an authorized reseller of Inhibisphere corrosion inhibitors, manufactured by Ceramisphere in Australia. Silver Fern is currently the only reseller in North America.

This next-generation coating additive features a novel micro-encapsulation technology, allowing for long-term rust protection on steel and aluminum substrates. This isn't just a replacement for what you're already using: it is a synergistic, anti-corrosion additive designed for forward-thinking formulators that want to boost the performance of their high-end metal coatings.

How It Works

Inhibispheres are submicron silica-based ceramic particles that incorporate active corrosion inhibitor materials into the matrix. The active ingredients are released via diffusion from the particle only when the coating is disrupted in some way, such as a scratch or lingering moisture, so they are only "used up" when they're needed. This is different from traditional organometallic inhibitors, such as zinc phosphate, which are constantly oxidising from the moment they are mixed in to the formulation. This method of slow release can prolong the lifetime of a coating for months, even years - imagine the difference it would make if your metal coatings could safely be applied to bridges, ocean liners, and even airplanes, with complete confidence that the metal substrate beneath will remain untouched. 

How To Use Them

Inhibispheres particles can simply be dropped in to any existing coating formation. They will not change any of the mechanical properties of the coating at all, and will survive rough formulation processes such as milling, grinding, and extrusions. Think of the particle as a sponge, not an egg. If Inhibisheres are subject to force, they will be torn into smaller particles of identical efficacy and greater surface area. The controlled release properties still apply. In fact, we encourage that they are not treated delicately: Milling and griding prevent flocculation of the Inhibispheres, and ensure they are distributed evenly throughout the coating.

Since corrosion inhibition compounds are only released when needed, only a very small percentage of Inhibisphere is required per batch. 2-5% by weight is the recommended level. 

Which One Do I Need?

Inhibispheres are available in six different varieties, with specifically engineered versions for water-based paint, solvent-based paint, and powder coatings applied to steel or aluminum surfaces. Please contact us for assistance in selecting the right Inhibisphere for you. Samples are available on request. 


To learn more about Inhibispheres, you can download the full brochure here