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Inhibisphere Corrosion Inhibitors

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We are proud to announce our new status as an authorized reseller of Inhibispheres® corrosion inhibitors, manufactured by Ceramisphere in Australia. Silver Fern is currently the only reseller in North America.

This next-generation coating additive features a novel patented micro-encapsulation technology, allowing for long-term corrosion protection on steel and aluminum substrates. This isn't just a replacement for what you're already using: it is a synergistic, anti-corrosion additive designed for forward-thinking formulators that want to boost the performance of their high-end metal coatings.

How It Works

Inhibispheres® are submicron silica-based ceramic particles that incorporate an active corrosion inhibitor into the matrix. Unlike traditional corrosion inhibitors the corrosion inhibitor is released from the sphere in a controlled and sustained manner through diffusion triggered by the presence of moisture.  

How To Use Them

Inhibispheres® do not require major reformulation. They can be added to the coating at any stage of the production. They have little or no effect on the mechanical or physical properties of the coating.

Which One Do I Need?

There are 6 Inhibispheres® :Three suitable for Aluminum and four are suitable for Steel. The Inhibispheres® range is comprehensive. Inhibispheres® find application in water-based paint, solvent-based paint, and powder coatings. Please  contact us for assistance in selecting the right Inhibisphere for you. Samples are available on request. 


To learn more about Inhibispheres, you can download the full brochure here