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Another Successful Western Coatings Show...

It was another great year for Silver Fern Chemical at the 34th Biannual Western Coatings Show in Las Vegas. It was our second year exhibiting at the show, and by all accounts 2019 was the biggest one yet. With over 1500 attendees and 90 technical talks, the Western Coatings Show was a wonderful opportunity to network, learn, and fortify existing relationships.

As one of the few US chemical distributors with a West Coast headquarters, we make a serious effort to attend as many conferences west of the Mississippi as possible. With shows like this, it’s easy to play to our strengths such as warehouse locations in Los Angeles and Seattle, internal logistics coordinators, and dedicated West Coast sales representatives (there’s nothing worse than having an urgent need for material at 3pm PST and a sales contact on East Coast time!).

A highlight of the show for Silver Fern was supporting a technical paper presented by one of our principal manufacturers, Ceramisphere of Australia. Dr. Andy Noble-Judge of Ceramisphere talked about their novel encapsulation technology and the commercial application for “smart” corrosion inhibitors called Inhibispheres. Silver Fern Chemical is proud to be the sole authorized distributor in the US for these inhibitors. If you were at the presentation and you still have unanswered questions, please contact us and we can set you up with more data and samples for your lab.

From the fascinating collection of scientific papers to the meticulously curated breakfast pastry spread, the Western Coatings Society really outdid themselves this year with the show. It was a plethora of firsts in many ways: the first international technical presenter, the first themed reception event, and the largest number of attendees and exhibitors on record. It certainly won’t be Silver Fern’s last time at the Western Coatings Show, and we hope to see many of you in 2021!

Silver Fern had three representatives at our booth: Sam King, our president, and account managers Troy Kinto and Gigi Alvarez. Should you have any inquiries that have not yet been answered, please feel free to call our main number and ask for the representative you spoke with by name.

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