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ant control Westlake Ohio

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Removing ants in your house may seem effortless on the surface (pun intended). They rarely creep, sneak up on you, and constitute as much nuisance as rodents and cockroaches. But little as they are, you wouldn’t want any creature sharing an apartment with you, not when they’re socially organized into a neat file. Last night, you failed to lid the new honey jar, and now they’ve come to feast in your kitchen. That is when the thought comes to you. A thwack of your palm flattened on the milk-white wall dotted with ants, and they’re gone, stilled into a photographic moment.

Not those bloody vermins again!

You now head back into your bedroom, pleased with yourself, amnesiac, even, of what you just did. But you wake up the following morning and then come to the little shock. The vermins have remobilized, some of them carting away their dead, while the rest feast aggressively, ruining the pure golden honey. You remember the TV advert you saw a forthright ago about ant control in Westlake, Ohio. Or you pull up an online directory and ring the best pest exterminators in Westlake, OH, one after the other.

How to get rid of ants and why you should hire us for your Westlake Ohio ant control

After reaching a few of the pest exterminators found online, sadly, they said they wouldn’t be available until the following week (although, as one of the best pest control companies, we’re available 24/7). You don’t want to repeat last night’s mistake and DIY (do it yourself). You sigh. But you’re humming now. But a bit of Westlake ant control will make the ‘batter’ better. We understand your frustration, and while you wait for us to arrive at your home to exterminate those creatures, you can relieve the nuisance. We’ve assembled a quick guide to get rid of ants in your house. The guide contains safe substances, insecticides you can use, and habits change that can deter them.

  • Locate and destroy any nearby ant colonies

The reason behind the resurrection and resurgence boils down to a simple logic; ants don’t come into your house to share your apartment with you. They’re highly social insects and live in their abode, called a colony. But since they need to feed their colony, they need to look for food, and (un)fortunately, your house has a ton of that. So to get rid of your ant problem, locate their colony first. You can check around the house, the natural flower vase sitting across the window, the yard, or anywhere there’s soil. To destroy them, you can crush the earthen structure, apply a thorough insecticide spray, or use the following organic materials.

  1. Coffee ground
  2. Pepper
  3. Neem oil
  4. Silicon dioxide
  5. Lemon eucalyptus oil
  • Observe better sanitary habits

You never can tell if there are other hidden castles apart from the one you just crushed. So it’s always safe to complement your efforts by maintaining cleanliness around the houses. You can do this by doing the following.

  1. Properly dispose of waste in the trash bag.
  2. Always lock the doors and windows.
  3. Properly close and lid food containers, jars, etc.
  4. Regularly clean the kitchen gadgets, couch cushions, diners, etc.

Ants can be stubborn. When everything fails due to some reasons unknown to you, it’s always advisable to hire Pest control near Westlake, OH, before the infestation gets out of hand. Contact Lakewood Exterminating for the best pest control in Ohio: 216-510-9358.

ant control Westlake Ohio