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black mold Toronto

Mold cleaning is a very specialized process, and we want to be sure that we are not dealing with black mold in Toronto.
Mold will grow pretty much anywhere. All it needs is food, which can be all of the building materials in your home. Mold also needs warm temperatures and moisture to grow. But that’s all it needs – food, moisture, and the right temperature!

Still, one of the most common places we find black mold in Toronto is in people’s bathrooms. Call Asbestos Environmental of Canada today for a mold inspection if you suspect you have black mold in your home’s bathroom. We’ll check for microbial growth under the shower pan and extending into the walls. We will also use a variety of moisture meters to go along the walls to look for high levels of moisture.

Is Black Mold the Most Dangerous?

All mold can cause health problems if left unchecked. However, black mold in Toronto is especially worrisome. Indeed, there are plenty of health issues that can arise from black mold. The type of black mold is significant, as there are some types that lead to all types of health problems – severe health problems that can probably kill you if you are not treating them right. You really should leave the mold removal/remediation tasks to a trained professional because you could easily inadvertently spread the black mold to other areas of your home.

Hire a Professional to Remove Black Mold in Toronto

If you have mold on your bathroom walls, shower mold, or mold on a bathroom ceiling; just know that mold in bathrooms is common. If it is black mold, the only way to know is to test it. Mold removal requires the use of safety equipment, hazardous materials suits, and breathing systems that can filter out the mold spores. Asbestos Environmental of Canada uses HEPA air filters to remove mold spores as we work continuously.

We’ll remove all of the materials that we can that are non-structural – anything that is a coarse material that may have microbial growth on it. We’ll install a dehumidifier into the area to dry out the rest of the wood so that we can continue to do the mold remediation.

Does Black Mold Grow After Water Damage?

When a flood occurs in a home, moisture is usually the only thing that has been missing for mold to grow up until that point. That’s why, when floods happen, mold will begin to grow rapidly all of a sudden. Mold is everywhere already anyways, so if you add moisture, the mold just takes off growing into the building materials of the home. If a house or a building is not dried out, mold will continue to grow.

Let Asbestos Environmental of Canada perform a mold inspection in your home if you think mold is present. We’ll send all of our test samples to a third-party tester to ensure there is no conflict of interest. Then, based on your findings, we can go from there.

black mold Toronto

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black mold Toronto

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