chemical drum management Los Angeles

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chemical drum management Los Angeles

chemical drum management Los Angeles

K-VAC Environmental Services provides affordable and ethical chemical drum management in Los Angeles. Protecting our environment and keeping companies in compliance is what we do. From collection and processing through to recovery and recycling, our highly-trained chemical drum management professionals safely mitigate risk and provide customized solutions that solve the problems that our clients face, all at an affordable price, of course.

For the best chemical drum management services in LA, contact K-VAC Environmental Services today. Leave nothing to chance when it comes to your business and our environment. You can reach K-VAC by at 909-476-2308, or you can contact us online as well.  

You may contact us any time, day or night, 24/4/365, as K-VAC Environmental Services is available for emergency calls. In the meantime, here are 5 reasons why you should consider K-VAC Environmental:

#5: Our Services are Comprehensive

Drum waste disposal services need to be chosen wisely. You probably don’t need to be told that penalties are stiff these days for companies that pollute in CA. K-VAC Environmental is a responsible chemical drum management firm in Los Angeles that works in all sectors, keeping companies and our environment clean, safe, and compliant. K-VAC can manage RCRA, non-RCRA, non-hazardous, and non-regulated waste in liquid, sludge, or solid soil or debris.

#4: K-VAC Environmental Offers Product Destruction for Off-Spec, Old, or Expired Chemicals

K-VAC operates a 10-day CUPA-permitted drum dock to adequately handle all chemical drum management and disposal needs, including totes, super sacks, cubic yard boxes, and shipping drums.

#3: K-VAC Environmental Manages All Substances/Materials

Many chemicals that are used in the manufacturing and processing of goods are highly flammable and are not safe to store on-site. This includes grease, gasoline, and propane. K-VAC manages these ignitable substances. Likewise, many substances and materials demonstrate reactivity to heat, pressure, or water. This can cause the release of toxic vapors, fumes, and gases.  

Often, soils will have traces of toxins, such as metals, pesticides, arsenic, mercury, and even lead. Foundries, agricultural centers, mining areas, and factories are susceptible to this. K-VAC Environmental is certified and trained to handle these types of materials.

#2: K-VAC Environmental Services Uses the Right Containers

It is crucial that businesses use proper containers to store their waste. K-VAC removes the guesswork, making sure that the proper containers are compatible with the materials being stored.  

#1: K-VAC Environmental Services Stores Toxic Waste Safely

Depending on the type of business you run and how much toxic waste it produces (also, which type of waste it produces), storing it safely is a matter of seriousness that should not be taken lightly! K-VAC Environmental Services provides a practical, cost-effective, and highly-convenient option for Los Angeles businesses.

Contact K-VAC Today

To speak with a K-VAC Environmental representative, or to learn more about our chemical drum management in Los Angeles, contact us today. Our drum waste disposal services are available as well, and K-VAC is one of the most affordable options for commercial hazardous waste management and removal.



chemical drum management Los Angeles

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chemical drum management Los Angeles

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