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Ppf Courses

PPF Courses

Paint protection film or (PPF) installation refers to the application of a thin protective covering on the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from certain types of damage. These include marks left by light bumps and scratches, dirt and dust accumulated from road use, as well as harsh ultraviolet rays and more. This cover is typically produced from Polyurethane and is thin and transparent.

To have the best effect, it is necessary to hire only trained experts to install PPF.

PPF Installation Training

PPF courses refer to training programs designed to teach our technicians ways to properly fix PPF film on vehicles. At Auto Detail School, we offer car detailing training which includes PPF courses. Our auto detailing training classes are practical intensive as we take students through hands-on training centered around actual clients’ vehicles in our workshops. This is to equip our students with the practical knowledge and experience which they need to handle real life jobs.

Our students learn the most advanced and effective means of installing paint protection film. They also get to know the uses of the hardware and software tools which are used for the installation process. You can visit our website if you wish to learn more about us online. Auto detailing training course for beginners is also available in order to cater for any students who are new to the system.

Our teaching program is structured into various skill levels to ensure effective teaching and learning. Furthermore, our syllabus encompasses all the vital areas which a modern PPF technician needs to thrive. Classes are student-centered and careful attention is paid to them to ensure that they derive the best benefits from the teaching sessions.

Ppf Courses

Benefits of PPF training

Get a Business Boost

Today, a growing number of clients are using PPF technology to protect their vehicles from scratches and dents. By adding PPF installation to their list of services, auto technicians can exploit this opportunity and make additional income offering this service to their clients. In our best auto detailing training class, trainees are taught how to make the most out of PPF installations business-wise.

Receive Recognized Certification

One of the benefits of signing up to learn automotive detailing online is that our students receive legitimate certificates at the end of their training programs. These include Paint Protection Certification. At Auto Detail School, we have official accreditation to operate as a recognized educational institution. This means that our certificates are recognized and will set you apart from your competitors.

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Have you been looking for a highly-rated auto detailing that offers the best training programs? Auto Detail School should be the first name on your mind. Our founder, Mel Craig, has been in the auto detailing and automotive appearance business for almost five decades. He understands what your training program should offer to set you up for success.

When you train with us, you’re guaranteed hands-on training and mentorship in a top-class, accredited training facility. We’ll take you through everything you need to get certified by the relevant boards. Sign up today and start your journey towards becoming an auto detailing pro.

Ppf Courses

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