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Pressure Blast Cabinet

Are you looking for an affordable pressure blast cabinet that won’t let you down when it counts? Badboy Blasters builds and sells the finest blast cabinets on the market. Their products are made from the highest quality of materials and are built in the USA. You simply won’t find a better pressure blast cabinet anywhere.

Consider Badboy Blasters’ BB9000LED Series Pressure Blast Cabinet with T8 lighting. With a 48” x 96” work area, this is a unit that will absolutely meet your needs. The entire side of this blaster opens from both sides. Take a look at a few of the BB9000’s features:

– HV Hand Valve control
– Built-in1400 CFM cyclonic vacuum dust collectors
– Urethane coat inside and out for long-lasting color
– Natural rubber/vinyl blast gloves
– Perforated steel flooring-abrasive large particle-separating screen and clean-out door
– Direct pressure blasting
– Two or Four air regulators/foot controls depending on setup ordered
– Media-filtering floor
– 14gauge steel legs (16gauge panels)
– Internal LED lighting system
– Super quiet, low-maintenance system
– Shipping weight 1500lbs
– Available in absolutely any color you’re looking for

You can finance the BB9000 pressure blast cabinet for just $237 a month, making it a very affordable unit to keep around!

Pressure blasting is a method of abrasive blasting that is used to remove deposits on surfaces without damaging the original surface. Typically speaking, a blast cabinet can be used to remove buildup from pool tiles or to brighten grout which has faded, and can also be used by auto body shops to remove old paint or prepare a part for paint or chroming.

Badboy Blasters is a family-owned company that is firmly committed to offering their customers access to the best pressure blast cabinet on the market today- along with expert technical advice and the best after-sales support imaginable.

If you’re searching for a direct pressure blast cabinet, consider the BB-1050XLD. With a work area of 48’ x 29”, it is often considered the perfect size unit for most shops. The BB-1050 features direct pressure blast, air blow-off guns, an all-welded cabinet, natural rubber/vinyl gloves, a perforated steel floor and separating screen with clean-out door, 1/8 gauge steel legs, 110 V operation, external fluorescent lighting, and much more.

For an optional add on, consider the center-mounted hands-free blasting fun that will make the operation of the BB-1050 even easier. You can finance this model for just $71 per month, making it an affordable addition to your shop and one you will find many uses for, no doubt.

If you’ve been giving thought to buying a pressure blast cabinet, we highly recommend visiting where you can check out real customer testimonials and review their entire inventory of blasters. To get in touch with one of their experts, feel free to call 330-454-2699 or email You’ll never regret buying the best USA-made product on the market.

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