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Bis-(butylcarbitol)-formal CAS: 143-29-3

Bis-(butylcarbitol)-formal (BCF) is a highly compatible plasticizer designed to provide maximum low temperature flexibility to various types of elastomers including natural rubber, SBR, chloroprene, nitrile and epichlorohydrin.

Bis-(butylcarbitol)-formal is used to develop optimum low temperature flexibility characteristic in fuel hose, wire jacketing, cellular rubber goods, friction compounds and wide variety of molded and extruded products. Used in only moderate concentrations (usually 20-30 phr) it functions effectively without seriously degrading the rubbers physical characteristics. Because of its rapid plasticizing action, also useful for softening slightly scorched stocks with little effect on their ultimate properties.

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Also Known As

Hexaoxatricosane, Bis-[2-(2-butoxyethoxy)-ethoxy]-methane, Butyl diglycol ether formal, Thiokol TP-90B, BCF

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