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Sandblasting Arkansas

Sandblasting Arkansas

Sandblasting Arkansas

Also known as abrasive blasting, sandblasting is the process of smoothing a rough surface by forcibly propelling a stream of rough material against it. Traditionally, the rough material that is commonly employed is sand, hence the name ‘sandblasting. However, materials such as glass beads, corn cobs, copper slags, and coconut shells have been put to good use in recent times. Different scenarios may warrant sandblasting in Arkansas.

For example, you may want to sandblast your log home to remove layers of rime from the logs and prepare them for fresh stain. A patio or concrete pad that has become too stubborn to clean may also be given a fresh start via sandblasting. Alternatively, your brick home may need some sandblasting action if you wish to get rid of dirt that’s buried in the pores or a coat of stucco. Whatever your reason for sandblasting, the method has proved reliable over the years, and it’s still being used extensively because of its effectiveness and minimal cost.

How much does sandblasting in Arkansas cost?

The cost of sandblasting depends majorly on the area you wish to sandblast and the type of materials you’re looking to remove. Naturally, you’ll spend less on a small space with materials that are not too difficult to remove. On the other hand, you should be ready to part with more money if you wish to sandblast a large area covered with difficult-to-remove materials.

On average, the cost of sandblasting in Arkansas is between $2-$5. However, the precise amount you’ll be paying may vary widely, depending on some factors that are specific to your project. You may get in touch with us at Arkansas Painting and Specialties if you need a quote on sandblasting your property.

Is sandblasting dangerous?

Many people have genuine concern over the impact of sandblasting on the health of the workers and the people living on the property. It’s vital to acknowledge that these concerns are not misplaced. If not properly carried out, sandblasting could pose a health risk to the laborers and property dwellers.

Traditional sandblasting employs silica-based sand, which could become airborne. People who inhale silica are at risk of developing a potentially fatal lung condition known as silicosis. As a result, many countries have banned sandblasting with silica-based sand. At APS, we are aware of the environmental risk placed by silica-based sand. Thus, we only use safe materials such as steel grit, dry ice, corn cob, copper slag, walnut, and coconut shell for sandblasting in Arkansas. 

Furthermore, most people need sandblasting in Arkansas because they wish to remove paint from old buildings. Many buildings built before the 70s have lead paint, and lead inhalation could come with dire health consequences. To prevent this, all paints must be tested for lead before sandblasting.

Conclusively, sandblasting in Arkansas does not come without health risks. However, you can have a hitch-free and safe sandblasting if carried out by the professionals who have a track record of paying attention to safety.

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Sandblasting Arkansas