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Chemical Transfer

Chemical Transfer

The newly flourishing local natural gas industry has increased the supplies and chances for petrochemical production in the United States. As the country’s oil and gas boom, the growth of the petrochemical industry exponentially increases, and this makes the cost of warehousing and transportation increase as well. Moreover, this sector is also dealing with a shortage of adequate modes of transferring products. With that said, here are some of the things you may want to know about the chemical transfer.

What are the modes of chemical transfer?

Pipeline chemical transfer: Custody management and efficient scheduling of pipeline transfers in and out of terminals are important to productivity, but poor communications, paper-based systems, and measurement system errors usually cause significant loss, prevent the effective transfer, and customer dissatisfaction. With Aura Engineering, you can improve pipeline chemical transfers by making sure the right quantities and products are routed to the right place with perfect custody measurements.

Train/rail product transfer: Inefficient and poorly scheduled product transfer operations during the rail and truck loading can result in operator errors, poor asset utilization, inaccurate and lost records, and customer service problems that lead to lost chances. Aura Engineering offers a leading solution for operations and commercial management that reduce operator errors, eliminate schedule delays, promote greater use, and maintain accurate accounting.

Marine loading: In the JIT world of logistics, terminal operations, and suboptimal marine scheduling can lead to poor wharf utilization rates and excessive demurrage charges – this can have a negative impact on asset utilization and customer confidence. At Aura Engineering, we can identify blockages and enhance assets to gain efficiencies and reduce demurrage, making sure customer commitments are met, and there is an increase in return-on-asset.

What is an asset management? 

The achievement of terminal operations significantly depends on the reliability and health of the assets used for storing, receiving, and delivering chemicals. Nevertheless, not only must workers gauge asset health properly, but it also reduces the effects if under-trained resources and retiring workforce. With real-time data, our asset management systems offer warrant that assets are executed as needed while resources are utilized to fix the real problem.

What is the custody transfer?

Custody transfer is referred to as the transactions involved in transporting products from one operator to another. When it comes to fluid measurement, custody transfer is stated as a metering stage where the fluid is measured for sale from a company to another company. During the process of custody transfer, accuracy is very important to both the corporation delivering the chemical products and the one receiving it.

Safety, health, and environmental 

The failure to safely maintain and operate chemical transfer activities can result in unexpected spills, leaks, and accidents that may lead to loss of life, property damage, and high environmental impacts. Aura Engineering offers the ability to detect, mitigate, and prevent accidents by safely monitoring chemical transfer processes and equipment in real-time, so when an unexpected event happens, it can be contained quickly. Contact Aura Engineering 281-485-1105.


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