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Dog Trainer Long Island

Dog Trainer Long Island

Are you searching for a dog trainer in Long Island? At Wallys World, we offer in-home and board and train programs for all breeds of canine with a team of professional trainers.

Tips to welcome a new dog

When choosing your dog's name, consider a short name that ends with a strong consonant. This will help the dog hear his name each time you call him and will make his training lessons a lot easier for both of you. If you are bringing home an older dog, you may still give him a new short name, as dogs are extremely adaptable. 

Discuss with your family on the "house rules" even before he comes home. Be clear on things like is your dog allowed on the bed? Is any part of the house off-limits? Is he going to have his own place at your dining table? This can avoid confusion both for you as well as the canine. Make sure to set up a private den for your new pet, a place where he can take naps, lie down, etc. Remember to reward your dog if he behaves relaxed and calm. Our experienced dog trainer in Long Island is an expert at training dogs of all ages. We ensure a safe and comfortable onboarding for your new four-legged friend into his new environment without our professional dog training services.

Common behavioral problems in dogs

Dogs that do not undergo obedience, agility, or housetraining often exhibit behavioral problems. One of the common behavioral issues in canine is digging, which can ruin your well-maintained yard or garden. Chewing and pulling on the leash are other annoying behavioral problems in dogs. Puppies, in particular, can chew on a sock, shoes, etc., to explore what they can do with their mouth. Be sure to say "no" as and when you catch them in the act, as chewing on certain objects can block your dog's intestines. Get your pup a chew toy to prevent him from feeding on other objects in your house.

Begging, separation anxiety, whining for attention, barking at the door, jumping, and biting are some of the other common behavioral problems in dogs. Make sure to find a professional dog trainer for your four-legged friend to avoid these behavioral issues.

Hacks to house train a puppy

Use a low-pitched voice in a serious tone to get your puppy's attention when trying to teach him certain commands. Praise your puppy for good behavior with rewards or by saying phrases like "good girl", "that's my girl", "attaboy", etc., in a high-pitched voice. Try to be patient with your puppy and keep showing him how to do something until he gets it right. It is important never to lose temper to your puppy, or he may start to fear you.

We can enrich your relationship with your four-legged friend at Wallys World with our dog training services. Call us now at (631) 729 1664, and our experienced dog trainer in Long Island can help you with details on the approach we use, our programs, and pricing structure.

Dog Trainer Long Island
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