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Product Destruction Inland Empire

Product Destruction Inland Empire

Product destruction in the inland empire is a growing need. The rise of electronics and high-tech manufacturing created the need for proper product disposal. A data breach is a real threat to your viability. Even common products can reveal trade secrets and patents.

Professionals such as Sledgehammer Product Destruction help if you have waste others will not pick up or produce a large quantity of garbage. Our services give you peace of mind while protecting your, your employees, your customers, and the community.

What types of waste do I need a specialized professional to handle?

Handling waste is not always as easy as using the corner dumpster. This is not only a common misconception but opens you to legal liability and the damage of a data breach. No one wants toxic waste to harm their community.

Types of waste specialized destruction companies handle includes:

  • Counterfeit goods
  • Recalled products, clothing, faulty goods, and outdated product
  • Electronic equipment
  • Hard drives
  • Sensitive documents
  • Lightbulbs, batteries, and ballasts

Disposing of these items helps you avoid everything from becoming embroiled in a copyright claim that will tarnish your good reputation to removing personally identifying data. In many cases, you must use a professional service. The regular garbage services do not take bulk or industrial waste products.

How do I properly dispose of electronics and sensitive information?

The most common mistake you can make is to throw out hard drives without using a company specializing in data and hardware destruction. Even shredded hard drives contain bits of information that may be reconstructed if not thoroughly disposed of. The cost of a data breach now exceeds $242 per record.

Certified disposal companies such as ours use software to erase data that your operating system cannot before shredding this equipment into useless bits. Secure product destruction is a must, even for everyday consumers.

Can I simply throw out my products and equipment?

Your company maintains many secrets to survive. Every action to take this information is destructive. With a $1 trillion global counterfeit product industry, your name is as much on the line as the risk of reverse engineering.

Thorough product destruction is a must for any company. Failing to consider the consequences hurts your bottom line and reputation.

What happens to my products in a recall?

Recalled items cannot be resold. Instead of letting these goods sit on shelves and lots, equipment destruction for business and product destruction services can take care of bulk waste disposal.

There were 5 million recalled vehicles in the top five largest recalls of 2019. The number of goods is not minimal and parting them out while finding the defect is costly. You cannot even use the defective parts.

Product destruction in the Inland Empire

Product destruction in the Inland Empire gets rid of unwanted and potentially toxic goods as well as traces of your copyrights, patents, and sensitive information. With a fleet of vehicles at your disposal, Sledgehammer Product Destruction gives you no reason to let items sit for long.

We are a leading company offering product recycling serving in the Inland Empire CA. Call us at 562-210-0075 or visit our website for more information.

Product Destruction Inland Empire

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