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Tetra Glyme

Tetra Glyme

Refrigeration is a difficult problem. Avoiding blockages in low viscosity systems is an even more difficult issue to resolve. Tetra glyme solves this problem while also acting as a powerful lubricant. Get in control of your systems with Silver Fern Chemicals Inc., a leading distributor of industrial compounds in North America.

How is Tetra Glyme used?

Manufacturers produce glymes from glycol ethers. This forms a potent solvent capable of keeping heat or cold air from escaping.

The dual-purpose chemical is used in many different applications. Ink printers use tetra glyme to keep systems from clogging while maintaining precision. Refrigeration systems keep liquids flowing without losing an excess amount of cooling power through glymes.

Issues with refrigeration systems

Refrigeration is inefficient by nature. Temperatures seek to equalize. This effect was known as early as the 1600s when Isaac Newton created the law of cooling. The transfer of energy is unavoidable.

Systems meant to keep items cool require significant amounts of power to sap heat from the surrounding air. Cracks, leaks, and gaps exposing internal components to the outside attack the efficiency of the system, keeping your machine from performing optimally.

Getting on top of cooling and heating

Tetra glyme is a polar aprotic with excellent thermal stability and a high boiling point. This makes it an ideal candidate for separation processes.

Industrial-grade absorption heat pumps combine this compound with trifluoroethanol. These types of temperature control systems act as both a heat source and sink. They are common in the production of ice which can be used for thermal energy storage.

How do I avoid clots in my system?

As a non-stick solvent considered environmentally friendly by the Environmental Protection Agency, tetra glymes are commonly used to ensure that systems flow without interruption. The chemical is useful for more than its thermal properties.

Some of the properties that make this compound useful in ink jets carry over to other materials. The high solvency provides for maximum color density while also strongly complexing pigments. With low odor, this material is also useful in the production of many inks that dry quickly with no undesirable side effects.

The use of up to 20 percent tetra glyme improves the life span of cartridges. The chemical also decreases ink viscosity while allowing for printing on a range of materials such as polymer films.

Is Tetra Glyme environmentally friendly?

Tetra Glyme is a 94 percent non-volatile organic compound. Due to the high boiling point, it is also considered safe for use.  The high boiling point extends the life of printer cartridges as well. This compound is friendly for the environment.

Where can I find bulk chemicals in North America?

Whether you are looking to create ink or a cooling system, tetra glyme is worth considering. Finding a reliable supply of any compound at an affordable rate is difficult. Silver Fern Chemicals Inc. takes care of logistics and distribution to allow you to get to what matters.

Our worldwide network of manufacturers keeps costs low and your business in operation. Get in touch with us today to find out more.