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Velvac Mirrors

Vehicle mirrors are essential in ensuring safety on the road. As a recreational vehicle owner, you should pick one that suits the kind of camper you have. This is because controlling some RVs, especially when you have a trailer hitched to them, can be more challenging than driving other types of vehicles.

That’s why at RV Parts Center, we have Velvac mirrors that are specifically made for RV models. The mirrors which combine performance, style and, quality improve safety by minimizing vibrations and offering clear and large views of passing lanes and blind spots around your RV.

What Should You Consider When Buying RV Mirrors?

The following are some of the factors to consider when looking for RV mirrors:

  • The Size of Your Vehicle – Driving an RV, especially the larger ones such as a Class A motorhome, requires you to be as aware of what’s behind you as of the road ahead. Having the right mirror will help you to see past the wide body of your vehicle to the rear part. That will make navigating narrower streets easier, and enable you to make safe maneuvers around corners.
  • Features – Different mirrors come with different features; for instance, some require manual adjustment, while others use remotes. You can also choose between those that fold when not in use or the ones that remain stationary.
  • Price – RV mirrors can be costly, but you can get affordable prices by looking at the right places. Make sure you shop around and compare prices before making a purchase.

How to Adjust Mirrors in an RV

Mirror adjustment is necessary for optimum visibility while on the road. Here are tips on how to ensure your RV mirrors are set correctly:

  • For the rearview mirror, make sure that you can see the back of your camper from the driver’s seat. In that position, the mirror allows you to have a clear view of the trailer behind you without having to turn your head.
  • Your side mirrors and passenger side mirrors should be adjusted to give as much view of the road on each side of your recreational vehicle. When placed correctly, you should be able to see the side of your RV at the back, and still get great focus on the road to the side.

What Safety Tips Should You Always Remember?

To always be safe, ensure you check the adjustment of the mirrors each time before driving off. This is especially important when you’re driving someone else’s RV, as they may have the positioning set differently. Also, don’t hesitate to pull over to readjust the mirrors if you notice they require more tweaking.

Remember to check your blind spot. To do that, your mirrors need to be positioned outward enough until there are no blind spots. You can double-check this by sitting in the usual driving position and watching the mirrors as a car passes by. The vehicle should be visible in the outside mirror before leaving the inside mirror. You should also see the vehicle in your peripheral vision before it leaves the outside mirror.

Get the Right Mirrors

The Velvac mirrors available at RV Parts Center are made to ensure that you have your eyes not just on the road in front but also to the sides and rear too. Contact us today on 714-703-8200 for any questions or queries.

Velvac Mirrors

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