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viking repair in Calabasas

viking repair in Calabasas

Be cautious who you hire for your Viking repair in Calabasas; by choosing the wrong repair company, you could void your Viking appliance’s warranty. A handyman will most likely not be able to do the work needed to restore your Viking equipment; Lerman Appliance Repair has the credentials, know-how, and experience necessary when your Viking appliances need attention from a specialist. Reach our repair experts day or night when you call our 24-hour helpline at 818-308-3117- we’ll never ask you to wait when you need an appliance repair.

4 Tips For Choosing a Company For Your Viking Repair in Calabasas

1. Look for a licensed and insured company whose credentials are listed on their website; you shouldn’t have to ask to see credentials or search to find small print. You’ll find all of our company information right on our homepage when you visit Lerman Appliance Repair online. Read about our success rate in helping our customers avoid appliance replacements, brands we service, our years of experience in making repairs, and more.

2. Determine whether the repair company you’re thinking about hiring is able to service your appliance. Our technicians are skilled in repairing and replacing parts for Viking refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, stoves & ovens, and all other units manufactured by the Viking brand. Not all repair companies have what it takes to troubleshoot performance issues when working on Viking appliances, which is why it’s essential that you hire a tech who knows their way around the inside of your appliance.

3. Find out what the repair will cost you before the work begins. Did you know that many companies offering a Viking repair in Calabasas charge double for weekends, holidays, and nights? An ‘affordable’ appliance repair from another company could end up costing you nearly as much as you paid for the appliance when it was new. To avoid overtime fees, always contact Lerman Appliance Repair when something is wrong with one of your Viking appliances. We enver charge overtime fees, even if it’s outside of regular business hours.

4. Ask about labor and parts warranties. If your technician has to be called back for additional work within a certain amount of time, you’ll want to know what it’s going to cost you to pay for the second repair. All of our repair services at Lerman Appliance Repairs are covered with a 30-day warranty for labor and a 90-day warranty for parts. You’ll find additional information on our website, including instructions on how to reach us if you need a Viking repair in Calabasas.

Same-Day and Next-Day Appointments

You never have to wait for a repair when you contact our professionals; simply reach out to us through our helpline and let us know you’re having an issue with your Viking, Sub-Zero, or True Appliance unit and we’ll schedule a service call.

Use our contact form for routine repairs, maintenance, and parts sourcing or call 818-308-3117 for immediate scheduling over the phone. You’ll never regret hiring our experts for your appliance repairs.