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Propylene Glycol, Inhibited, Food Grade – FernFrost FG CAS: 57-55-6

FernFrost FG-FG PG Inhibited is a formulated propylene glycol based heat transfer fluid containing an inhibitor and additive package that controls corrosion of metals, helps prevent scaling and fouling of heat transfer surfaces, and buffers the pH to maintain it in the optimal operating range. Relative to ethylene glycol, propylene glycol has a lower acute oral toxicity. Accordingly, propylene glycol-based heat transfer fluids are at least preferable — and often required — in food processing industries and recreational vehicle applications in which they may make accidental contact with foods and beverages, or where they may contaminate potable and drinking water, or cause environmental contamination. In some municipalities, the use of propylene glycol is required by law or regulation. The propylene glycol and additives used in FernFrost FG-FG PG Inhibited are manufactured with ingredients classified as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. We can offer in varying strengths from 25% to our concentrated full strength material. We recommend the use of deionized or distilled water for dilution, if using our concentrate. However, tap water, well water, or city water may be used when it meets your specific quality standards.

Applications for FernFrost FG-FG PG Inhibited include closed loop heating and cooling systems in food and berverage process plants where incidental contact may occur, solar heating, thermal energy storage, sidewalk and playing field subsurface heating, refrigeration warehouse floor heating, ice rinks, freeze and burst protection in semi-sedentary systems, computer cooling systems, various deicing functions, boilers, and more.

Silver Fern Chemical maintains inventories of FernFrost FG-FG PG Inhibited and other heat transfer fluids at warehouses throughout the US and can blend and package to meet your needs. We have helped multiple customers, from small end users to large Fortune 500 customers, with their FernFrost FG-FG PG Inhibited requirements, With the ability to ship materials in bulk tank trucks and down to single 55 gallon drums, we’ll work hard to meet your needs. Download more information below or call us! +1-866-282-3384

Minimum order quantity: 55 gallon drum

Also Known As

α-Propylene glycol; 1,2-Propanediol

Packing Info

55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes, and bulk

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