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Definition of Calcium Stearate

At Silver Fern Chemical, we understand the importance of utilizing high-quality materials in various applications. One such material is Calcium Stearate, a carboxylate of calcium that serves as a versatile and widely used chemical compound. Recognized for its role as a stabilizer, lubricant, and anti-caking agent, Calcium Stearate plays a pivotal role in numerous industrial processes.

Chemical Structure of Calcium Stearate

The molecular structure of Calcium Stearate is defined by two stearate groups attached to a single calcium ion. This arrangement grants the compound its distinctive chemical properties, including its compatibility with a broad range of materials and stability under varying conditions.

Properties of Calcium Stearate

Physical and Chemical Characteristics: Calcium Stearate is a white, waxy powder with a greasy touch. It is insoluble in water, but soluble in hot ethanol and ethers, showcasing its hydrophobic nature. Its melting point ranges around 160°C, which contributes to its effectiveness in high-temperature processes.

Uses of Calcium Stearate

Due to its advantageous properties, Calcium Stearate finds utility in numerous sectors. It acts as a mold release agent in the rubber and plastic industries, a lubricant in pencils and crayons, and as a waterproofing agent for fabrics and textiles. Furthermore, its role as an anti-caking agent is particularly valued in the production of powdery or granulated materials.

Production of Calcium Stearate

The production of Calcium Stearate involves the reaction of stearic acid with calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide. This process, known as saponification, results in a compound that is then purified and ground into a fine powder for commercial use. At Silver Fern Chemical, we ensure that our Calcium Stearate is produced to meet the highest quality standards, reflecting our commitment to delivering superior products.

Applications of Calcium Stearate

  • In Plastics and Rubber, as a lubricant and stabilizer.

  • As a flow agent in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

  • In the paper industry to provide a smooth, waterproof finish.

  • In construction materials to enhance the properties of concrete and plaster.

Safety and Hazards of Calcium Stearate

At Silver Fern Chemical, safety is paramount. Calcium Stearate is regarded as safe when used appropriately. It is non-toxic, not considered a hazard by inhalation, ingestion, or skin contact. However, as with all chemical materials, we recommend handling it with standard safety precautions, such as wearing protective gear and ensuring adequate ventilation in the workspace.

Alternatives to Calcium Stearate

While Calcium Stearate serves a crucial role in numerous applications, alternatives may be sought for specific needs. These include magnesium stearate, zinc stearate, and aluminum stearate, each offering distinct properties that can be leveraged depending on the application’s requirements.

Regulatory Information on Calcium Stearate

Understanding the regulatory landscape is essential. Calcium Stearate is approved for use in many applications, including food and cosmetics, by regulatory bodies such as the FDA. At Silver Fern Chemical, we adhere strictly to all relevant regulations and standards, ensuring our products meet the highest safety and quality benchmarks.

In conclusion, Calcium Stearate exemplifies the type of high-quality, versatile compound that Silver Fern Chemical is proud to offer. Its wide range of applications, from industrial manufacturing to consumer goods, underscores its value. As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving chemical industry landscape, we remain committed to providing sustainable, efficient solutions like Calcium Stearate, tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

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