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Dimethyl Carbonate

Dimethyl Carbonate

Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC) is a biodegradable and environmentally friendly chemical synthesized from cyclic carbonate compounds. The precursor could be either propylene carbonate or ethylene carbonate.

DMC is becoming a household name in the chemical industry due to its versatile use, which has made it attract several research endeavors over the years. Also considered to be a green reagent, the compound is commonly used as a solvent or methylating agent.

What Are the Industrial Applications of Dimethyl Carbonate?

The attention DMC has received over the years can be traced to not only to its diverse range of applications but its excellent biodegradability and safety profile. Yes, the compound can be decomposed by biological activities real fast, which makes it stand out among many of its counterparts in the chemical industry.

The production process of DMC has seen some changes over the years as well, with green production routes now being employed to displace the conventional phosgene synthesis. Research has discovered the latter to be rather toxic.

Another route being explored is the direct DMC synthesis, which is aided via methanol and C02. It has been an interesting and preferred alternative in the chemical industry, with the only hindrance being its bounded equilibrium.

That being said, Dimethyl Carbonate, as deliberated earlier, is a versatile chemical that serves various purposes, some of which are:


Dimethyl Carbonate has often been employed as electrolytes in lithium-ion batteries, which is a popular component in mobile devices and laptops. The demand for the chemical is also expected to see an increase, particularly in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).

Methylating Agent

DMC methylates phenols, anilines, and carboxylic acids. Again the advantage the compound has over others is its low toxicity, Which translates to it being weaker compared to other conventional reagents.


Over the years, Dimethyl Carbonate has become popular as a solvent and is fast replacing others such as parachlorobenzotrifluoride. This is largely because of its odor which is akin to alcohol and is preferred by most users.

How Safe Is Dimethyl Carbonate?

DMC Is safer than many methylating agents, in terms of flammability at least. The compound has a flashpoint of 17°C. To be on the safe side, however, workers using the chemical are advised to always wear protective organic vapor respirators, especially in indoor situations.

Also, accidental ingestion of DMC should be avoided at all costs as it is as critical as methanol poisoning.

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