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Glyoxal is an organic compound with a complex structure. In its liquid state it is yellow in color and when it evaporates it turns to a green colored gas. The compound is often a preferred choice for use in many different types of manufacturing. The substance is available for purchase to those who use it in the manufacturing of their products.

Chemical Properties

The chemical formula for Glyoxal is OCHCHO or C2H2O2. It’s the smallest dialdehyde which is a more complex structure. The compound is commonly prepared using the Laporte process or through the liquid-phase oxidation of acetaldehyde with nitric acid. It was first produced commercially in France in 1960.

Since then, there have been many uses found for this compound. It is used in a great many instances as a solubilizer, an agent that increases the solubility of a substance. For this reason it is used commonly as an additive to many commercial formulas where increased solubility is desired.

It is also known as ethanedial or ethane 1,2-dione. Another common name is Glyoxyladehyde. It is provided as SDS Glyoxal40; it has 40% strength. It is a colorless, transparent liquid with a content of 40% plus or minus .5%.


Glyoxal is used to crosslink starch-based formulas in textile finishes and in coated paper. It’s also used in textile production, leather tanning, cosmetics, epoxy, oil and gas industries and disinfection. Glyoxylic acid has industrial uses including the curing of wood and wood hardening. It is also used as a fixative in a method of preserving cells for examination under a microscope. Various concentrations are used in different types of uses.

There are many specific uses in the manufacturing of various products. For example, it is used in disinfectants that are used both in the health industry and for veterinary hygiene. When used in cosmetics it improves the viscosity of the products. In leather production, it helps preserve the leather quality. It is often used in epoxy to give it more stability and better performance.

It is also accredited for use in the manufacture of food packaging. It is important to note that it is readily biodegradable when used according to OECD guidelines.


Industrial chemicals such as Glyoxal can be ordered in quantities with a minimum of a 55 gallon drum. Both small and large manufacturers may order the compound. It is available in bulk through tank trucks, drums, and totes. Shipment is available per your specifications. We take special care to ensure that the product is shipped safely and delivered to you efficiently.

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