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Benzyl Benzoate CAS: 120-51-4

Benzyl benzoate is a viscous liquid that has a weak, sweet-balsamic odor. In fragrances, benzyl benzoate is added to decrease the scent’s rate of evaporation, and thus increases its duration.

This fragrance solvent is particularly effective for nitro-musks, certain natural extracts and other very low-polarity ingredients that can be difficult to dissolve.

It is also used as a modifier in heavier floral and Oriental type fragrances, such as Tuberose, Yiang- Ylang, Lily, Gardenia, etc. Benzyl benzoate is frequently substituted with other fragrance solvents such as diethyl phthalate or benzyl salicylate when a faint odor is desirable.

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Also Known As

Benzoic Acid Phenylmethyl Ester; Benzyl Benzenecarboxylate; Benylate

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Drums, IBCs, Bulk Tankers


Fragrance, Technical

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