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Carnapol Wax CAS: Various

Carnapol Waxes are synthetic waxes made from a amide, and are similar in physical properties to some of the natural waxes, notably, Carnauba. They have a macroscopically noncrystalline structure, as does Carnauba wax. The wax breaks with a conchoidal fracture. It can be blended with all natural waxes and paraffin waxes.

Carnapol waxes are used in applications such as wood polishes, paper coatings, leather finishes, and water resistant coatings. Silver Fern offers various types of Carnapol waxes including Carnapol 7 and Carnapol 10.

We have helped multiple customers, from small end users to large Fortune 500 customers, with their Carnapol Wax supply requirements and can ship bulk and various packaged products to meet such needs. Download more information below or call us! +1-866-282-3384

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