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Glutaraldehyde CAS: 111-30-8

Glutaraldehyde is an extremely versatile disinfectant and biological tissue fixer. Also know by its IUPAC name 1,5-pentanedial, it is a clear, pungent, and oily liquid that is miscible in water. It is highly reactive with amines, amides, and thiols present in amino acid side chains, and most of its uses can be attributed to its excellent protein crosslinking abilities.

Glutaraldehyde is applied as a disinfectant for heat-sensitive medical and dental equipment. It’s biocidal properties are also utilized for industrial water treatment, hydraulic fracking, and as a topical wart treatment. It is a preferred fixing agent for biological tissues, since it is nonvolatile, and is widely used for leather tanning, embalming, creation of toxoid vaccines, or preparing cell specimens for electron microscopy. Glutaraldehyde is also used to fix certain enzymes during the production of high fructose corn syrup.

Trade names of glutaraldehyde include Cidex and Gluraral (disinfectants), Alpha 1427 (fracking), and Diswart Solution (wart treatment).

Silver Fern Chemical is a bulk-based distributer of specialty and industrial chemicals for small and large manufacturers. The minimum order for glutaraldehyde is a 55 gallon drum, but we can also ship in totes. Our goal is to get your product to you safely and efficiently. To learn more about placing an order with us, please call our office at 866-282-3384.

Also Known As

1,5-pentanedial, glutaric dialdehyde

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