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Glycol Ether DPDM CAS: 111109-77-4

Dipropylene glycol dimethyl ether, or DPDM, is a type of non-ionic solvent that is environmentally friendly and multifunctional. Its key attributes include low toxicity, chemical stability and high solubility. Because it’s safe for humans and the environment, DPDM is able to be used in a wide range of products that humans come into contact with, such as moistening agents, cleansers and even some medications. Some of the other names used for DPDM are proglyme, Proglyde DMM Glycol Diether, or DPGDME.

Key Attributes of DPDM:

DPDM is a versatile and environmentally friendly solvent. It’s commonly used in waterborne coatings and high solids coatings because of its strength and durability. Its purpose is to improve the overall appearance of coatings, plus emulsify the formulation components. It has a low odor and an excellent toxicity profile.

The low toxicity profile of DPDM is perhaps its greatest benefit, as the solvent can be used across many different products. It is classified as a non-HAP/NAP green solvent in the U.S. and Europe. This means that the solvent is not a hazard to human health or the environment and doesn’t contribute to air pollution.

Aside from its safety for the environment and humans, additional benefits of DPDM include:

  • Good chemical stability

  • Exceptional solubility

  • Weak ether scent

  • Film-forming properties

  • Appropriate volatile speed

  • Low toxicity

Uses of DPDM:

Dipropylene glycol dimethyl ether has many uses, but it’s generally applied in water-based and curable coatings because of its excellent solubility. Additional uses for DPDM are:

  • Additive and moistening agent

  • Cleaning agent for electronic industry

  • Synthesizer for polyurethane

  • Chemicals like medicine and pesticide

  • Reaction solvent of organic synthesis

Dipropylene glycol dimethyl ether is a clear, colorless liquid that is packaged and sold in large, steel coated drums. Silver Fern Chemical is a wholesale distributor of speciality and industrial chemicals, including DPDM. We have the capability to ship DPDM in drums and isotanks.

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Also Known As

Proglyme; Proglyde DMM Glycol Diether; DPGDME.

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