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Glyoxal CAS: 107-22-2


Versatile Crosslinker

Glyoxal links a wide range of polymers, e.g. starch, cellulose, proteinaceous material, polyacrylamide, polyvinyl alcohols.

Glyoxal 40: Biodegradability

Glyoxal 40 sds is readily biodegradable by showing more than 90 % decrease of dissolved organic carbon according to OECD guidelines 301 C-E and 303 A.

Appropriate for Food Packaging

Glyoxal is listed as an accredited chemical substance in the production of paper for food packaging by the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) in Germany, and by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S.

Substitution Potential

Glyoxal shows high potential in the substitution of aldehydes, e.g. for formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde.  Additionally in disinfection it can be used as a co-biocide formulated together with glutaraldehyde.




    •  Crosslinking agent or building block for crosslinker
    • Softer and less wrinkled textiles


    • Crosslinking agent or building block for crosslinker
    • Paper wet strength (e.g. toilet paper)
    • Paper dry strength (e.g. recycled paper)
    • Efficient paper coating additive for high-quality papers


    • Crosslinking in tanning process
    • Preservation of leather quality


    • Use of glyoxal-crosslinking polymers (hydrocolloids)
    • Better viscosity


    • Building block for specific epoxy applications
    • Higher epoxy stability performance

Oil & Gas

    • Biocide
    • Sulfur scavenger
    • Use of glyoxal-crosslinking polymers (hydrocolloids)
    • Anti-corrosive
    • Improved safety
    • Improves viscosity in oil-drilling fluids


    • Biocidal active ingredient for disinfection formulations
    • Co-biocide for disinfectants used in the health industry and in veterinary hygiene
    • Effective when formulated together with e.g. glutaraldehyde

Glyoxylic Acid

    • Raw material
    • Serves as an intermediate for vanillin, agricultural chemicals, antibiotics, allantoin, complexing agents
    • Wood Hardening
    • Crosslinking agent or building block for crosslinker
    • Cures wood
    • Protection from moisture

Minimum order quantity: 55 gallon drum

Glyoxal 40: Bulk Chemical Distribution

Silver Fern Chemical is a bulk-based distributor of specialty and industrial chemicals for small and large manufacturers. Glyoxal wt. 40% is available in tank truck quantities, 55 gallon drums, and totes/IBCs. We can ship Glyoxal according to your exact specifications, as our goal is to get your product to you safely and efficiently. To learn more about placing an order for Glyoxal , please call us at 866-282-3384.

Also Known As

ethanedial; ethane-1,2-dione

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