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Low Foam Surfactants

Application of Low Foam Surfactants:

Low Foam surfactants are ideal for low- to no-foam applications. These high performance products provide excellent detergency and wetting properties, caustic and acid stability and superior food and protein soil defoaming ability.

Industries where are they used:

Low Foam surfactants are used as rinse aids, commercial machine dishwashing, food & dairy process cleaners, metal cleaning applications, high-shear immersion baths and metal working fuilds.

Low Foam surfactants are also used in pulp & paper, textile processing, pigment dispersions, and other applications.

Types of Low Foam Surfactants:

Amphoteric surfactants with very low foam profiles are used as hydrotopes in many cleaning formulations. These ingredients provide coupling, stability, cleaning and wetting properties

New multi-functional amphoteric surfactants (i.e. Amphoteric 12), with very low foam profiles, deliver cleaning performance along with excellent environmental and safety profiles and compatibility with other nonionic, cationic, and anionic surfactants.

Nonionic alkoxylates, with ethylene oxide (EO) and propylene oxide (PO) content, can provide excellent rinsing and spray cleaning performance for several high agitation and mechanical cleaning applications.

Examples include: rinse aids for automated detergent applications, dairy and food cleaners, pulp and paper processing applications, textile chemistries, and more.

Moreover, alkoxylates that are based on linear alcohols exhibit very low foam profiles and can be combined with other low foaming components, such as biodegradable hydrotropes, to formulate safe and economical cleaners.

EO/PO block copolymers are known for excellent wetting and dispersing properties.

Low foaming recommendations within this category can serve as highly effective emulsifiers for several industrial and institutional cleaning applications.

Amine oxides with very low foam measurements are also known for detergent performance in cleaners and degreasers.

When combined with low foaming amphoteric hydrotropes, amine oxides can be the surfactant backbone for many formulations in low foam hard surface cleaners and metal cleaning applications.

Certain linear alcohol ethoxylates offer moderate to low foam profiles and can be used in a wide range of hard surface cleaning applications.

These surfactants provide excellent detergency, wetting properties, along with the benefits of preferable environmental, health and safety profiles.

Low HLB alcohol ethoxylates, in particular, are low-to-moderate foamers and can be used in combination with higher HLB alcohol ethoxylates to control foam and enhance oil solubility in many industrial cleaning formulations

Certain fatty amine ethoxylates are low foaming and can be used to deliver emulsification, wetting and dispersing properties in agricultural applications and thickened cleaning or wax based formulations.

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