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Methyl Propyl Ketone (MPK) CAS: 107-87-9

Methyl propyl ketone (MPK) or 2-Pentanone is a medium evaporating, urethane-grade solvent. It’s commonly used as a solvent for synthetic resins as well as in gravure printing inks and cleaning and surface preparation applications for the transportation industry. Though methyl propyl ketone is comparable to methyl ethyl ketone, MPK has a lower solvency and is more expensive.

Unlike other chemicals that are produced in a lab, methyl propyl ketone occurs naturally in Nicotiana tabacum, otherwise known as the tobacco plant. It can also grow in blue cheese as a metabolic product of Penicillium mold growth. The clear, colorless liquid has the odor of nail polish and is soluble in water.

Key Attributes of Methyl Propyl Ketone:

MPK is an active solvent for most synthetic resins, such as acrylics, vinyls, epoxies and polyesters. Because it has a high solvency, low density and medium evaporation rate, it’s also useful as a letdown solvent for high-solids resins used in low VOC products. Methyl propyl ketone can also be found in the transportation industry as well as in gravure printing inks.

The main benefits of Methyl Propyl Ketone are:

  • High dilution ratio

  • High solvency

  • Low density

  • Medium evaporation rate

  • Readily biodegradable

  • Urethane grade

Additionally, MPK is compliant with Aerospace NESHAP and REACH. It has low toxicity and is safe for the environment, meeting the criteria for Non-HAP and Non-SARA.

Uses for Methyl Propyl Ketone:

With the many attributes that methyl propyl ketone has, it has a wide range of uses. As a cleaner, MPK can be used as a light degreaser or for metal prep hand wipes. The graphics arts industry uses the solvent in gravure printing inks, while high-solids resins use MPK as a letdown solvent.

Besides these uses, methyl propyl ketone is a flexible coating type. It’s used for industrial wood, industrial maintenance and marine applications. The transportation industry relies on MPK for automotive OEM and automotive refinishes.

Perhaps most interesting is the aerospace industry and its use for MPK. As a non-HAP solvent alternative to methyl ethyl ketone and toluene, MPK meets the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants requirements for hand-wipe cleaning practices in aerospace. With its ability to evaporate more slowly than MEK, more of the solvent stays on the wipe instead of being released into the air. This protects the environment and also prolongs the use of the wipe.

Silver Fern Chemical is a wholesale supplier of speciality and industrial chemicals. With product in both drums and isotanks. To talk to one of our technical sales people about your MPK needs, please call us at 866-282-3384.


Also Known As

2-Pentanone; MPK

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Drums, Isotanks

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