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N-Phosphorothioic Triamide (NBPT) CAS: 94317-64-3

N-butylphsphorothioic triamide, also known as agrotain or NBPT, is an organophophorus compound which appears as a white solid. The general application of this material is to limit the release of nitrogen-containing gases following fertilization. This compound has some unique chemistry, including a tetrahedral phosphorus bonded to sulfur and three amide groups.

NBPT functions as an inhibitor of the enzyme urease. NBPT slows soil microbes conversion of readily available urea to ammonia, allowing more of the soil nitrogen to be utilized by the plant. If the urea in the soil is converted too quickly to ammonia, then the excess ammonia will be unable to be utilized by the plant and will likely be wasted. In short, NBPT is used to slow the conversion of ammonia generation, ultimately increasing the efficiency of their fertilizers.

This product would be beneficial for farmers or fertilizer manufacturers looking to increase the utilization of their fertilizer in large- and small-scale operations. Having the ability to dial up and down soil microbe’s ammonia output is a huge opportunity for farmers and fertilizer manufacturers. Phenyl phosphorodiamidate is another urease inhibitor.

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