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Optiblanc® 2M/G

Optiblanc® 2M/G is a stilbene derivative brightener with the following properties:
• Excellent degree of whiteness
• From neutral to slightly blue hue
• Very good build for repeated washes
• Very good stability to spraying and peroxide bleach
• High affitinity for cellolosic fibers

Optiblanc® 2M/G is recommended for Household and I&I powder detergents for washing cotton or mixed fibers containing cotton. Optiblanc® 2M/G is stable to alkali and peroxide bleach under the conditions normally encountered in household and industrial laundering. Optiblanc® 2M/G is resistant to hypochlorite bleach as soon as it is adsorbed on cotton, i.e. it can be used in case of hypochlorite rinse. Optiblanc® 2M/G can be added in the course of all normal detergent manufacturing operations such as spray blending, spray drying, and dry blending.

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