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Optiblanc® SX

Optiblanc® SX is a distyrylbiphenil derivative brightener with the following properties:
• Formulated for very low washing temperatures
• Excellent degree of whiteness
• Slightly blue hue
• Good stability to peroxide and chorine bleaches
• High affinity for cellulosic fibres

Optiblanc® SX is recommended for Household and I&I powder and liquid detergents for washing cotton or mixed fibres containing cotton. It is structurally made in order to be fast in the solubilisation in the washing liquor. This allows a high efficiency even at low temperatures.
Optiblanc® SX is stable to alkali and peroxide bleach under the conditions normally encountered in household and industrial laundering. Optiblanc® SX is relatively resistant to hypochlorite and exhibits a high degree of wet and dry lightfastness. Optiblanc® SX can be added in the course of all normal detergent manufacturing operations such as spray blending, spray drying and dry blending referring to powder detergent.

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