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Propanol CAS: 71-23-8

Pronaol, also known as Propyl Alcohol, is a colorless liquid with an odor similar to ethanol. It is soluble in water, alcohol, and ether.

Pronaol has many uses including organic synthesis and chemical intermediate, solvent for waxes, vegetable oils, natural and synthetic resins, cellulose esters and ethers, polishes, brake fluids, degreasing solvent, and antiseptics.

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Minimum order quantity: 55 gallon drum 

Also Known As

n-Propyl alcohol; n-Propanol; n-PrOH; Ethylcarbinol; 1-Hydroxypropane; Propanol; Propionic alcohol; Propionyl alcohol; Propionylol; Propyl alcohol; Propylic alcohol; Propylol

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