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SFC Cor-Block CAS: 693-23-2 and 1852-04-6

Looking for Invista’s Corfree M1®?  Unfortunately, you aren’t going to find it. Invista is no longer making the product.  If you need a replacement product, then we have the answer for you.   Silver Fern Chemical, Inc offers a replacement product which mirrors the composition and properties of Invista’s Corfree M1®. Silver Fern’s product is a mixture of linear long chain dicarboxylic acids. It is a dibasic acid mixture that yields superior protection against ferrous metal corrosion when formulated into water-based metal working fluids, hydraulic fluids, and other coolant products.  This product will outperform alternatives such as sebacic acid, azaleic acid, and other long chain monobasic acids when used in these applications.  Add concentrations vary from 5%-40% in the base fluid depending on the desired level of protection necessary and the amount of water dilution needed in your base fluid.  

Product is available in 55 lb bags or 1540 lb Super Sacks.

Also Known As

Corfree M1

Packing Info

55 lb bags or 1540 lb Super Sacks.

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