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Tetraglyme CAS: 143-24-8

Tetraglyme, also called tetraethylene glycol dimethyl ether, is a polar aprotic solvent with excellent thermal and chemical stability. Glymes, or glycol diethers, are a widely used family of saturated polyethers for increasing anion reactivity in a given system, thus affecting selectivity and reaction rates. Tetraglyme is one of the heavier ethylene oxide based glymes available commercially.

Tetraglyme is an ideal solvent for separation processes and high temperature reactions. It is used as an additive for adsorption refrigeration and heat pumps (HVAC systems), as a reagent for lithium-ion batteries, and as a solvent for paints, cleaning products, inks, adhesives, and other coatings. It is a strong emulsifier, and can help prevent clogging of ink printer heads.

This compound is an environmentally-friendly alternative to many lab solvents, so it is also useful as an inert solvent for API synthesis in the pharmaceutical industry.

Silver Fern Chemical is a bulk-based distributer of specialty and industrial chemicals for small and large manufacturers. The minimum order for tetraglyme is a 55 gallon drum, but we can also ship in totes and in bulk. Our goal is to get your product to you safely and efficiently. To learn more about placing an order with us, please call our office at 866-282-3384.

Also Known As

tetraethylene glycol dimethyl ether, dimethoxytetraglycol

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Bulk tankers, totes, and drums

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