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Zinc Stearate CAS: 557-05-1

Zinc stearate is a zinc soap that is known for repelling water. Zinc Stearate is commonly used as a release agent, heat stabilizer and lubricant in the plastics, polyolefin, polystyrene and rubber industry. Zinc Stearate is also used as a sanding additive in wood coatings (lacquers). In cosmetics, zinc stearate is a lubricant and thickening to improve texture. The insoluble salt is made of commercial stearic acid, a type of mild fatty acid that is used as an emollient and lubricant. It is often combined with zinc oxide. Zinc, on its own, is known to have antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Appearance of Zinc Stearate

Zinc stearate is a very fine, soft and colorless powder. It’s a high quality material with an exceptionally small particle size. It doesn’t have a strong odor, though it’s possible for there to be a slight fatty acid scent because of the long-chain fatty acids. Zinc stearates are soluble in aromatic compounds and chlorinated hydrocarbons when warmed, but they are insoluble in alcohol and ethers.

Best Applications for Zinc Stearate

Zinc stearate has many unique properties, which is why it can be used in a wide range of industries. For example, zinc stearate is used industrially as a release agent, lubricant and heat stabilizer for rubber and plastic manufacturers. It’s used as a sanding additive in wood coatings. Zinc stearate also acts as a lubricant and thickener in cosmetics. Thanks to its lubricating effects, water repellency, gelling capacity and non-stick texture, zinc stearate is highly versatile.

Below are the industries that benefit from using zinc stearates:

-Paint and Coating

Safety of Zinc Stearate

Certain grades of Zinc Stearate are FDA and CIR approved, and the Cosmetics Database considers it to be a low-to-moderate hazard ingredient depending on how much is being used. Some of the concerns listed include an increased risk of cancer, allergies and organ toxicity. However, these studies refer to cases where high levels of the ingredient was given to animals. According to OSHA, zinc stearate is a human irritant but has low acute toxicity in animal studies as long as it is used accordingly.

Different Grades and Packaging

We have several different grades of zinc stearate available depending on application. Packaging options are small bags (25kg and 50lb) and Super Sacks (500kg and 1000kg). Call or email us to talk with one of our technical sales reps to determine which grade of zinc stearate suits your needs best.

Zinc Stearate: Custom Orders and Technical Details

Silver Fern Chemical is happy to assist you with your order for zinc stearate. We work with both small and large companies, and we can ship the product according to your exact specifications. Call us today for a price quote at 1-866-282-3384, or download our technical data sheet to learn more about zinc stearate and its uses.

Please view our Metallic Stearate Brochure for a complete list of product specifications and applications.

Also Known As

zinc distearate; zinc octadecanoate

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