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Zinc Stearate

Zinc Stearate

Can Zinc Stearate improve your skin? Medical professional Amy Shapiro is one of a community of researchers who understand the positive effects of incorporating a high-quality Zinc into our lives. Zinc is not available in its pure form; hence, Silver Fern Chemical Incorporation creates its form, Zinc Stearate.

How zinc benefits the skin

Zinc works with other minerals and vitamins to reduce the following skin conditions:

  • Inflammations such as acne
  • Fine lines from aging
  • Damage from UV sun rays
  • Skin firmness by triggering the production of collagen and stimulating DNA repair
  • Wounds from invasion and skin problems tend to heal faster

How to take Zinc for skin improvement

Alissa Rumsey states that Zinc is more available from the top layers of the skin than the bottom. Using Zinc internally and externally can help improve the skin by double fold.

Silver Fern produces an industry-approved form of Zinc that makes part of the ingredients for pharmaceutical supplements and cosmetic products. You can benefit from Zinc by incorporating supplements with its composition or using makeup products with Zinc minerals.

Understanding Zinc Stearate

This particular form of Zinc is a soap that repels water. It is perfect for cosmetic products that need lubricant quality. The composition of our Zinc is stearic acid, which makes for the fatty acid, and Zinc Oxide. The fattiness prevents separation of oily parts in a cosmetic product and reduces transparency.

Our type of Zinc has an antiseptic and astringent quality, along with the commonly known benefits of being antiviral and antibacterial. It is perfect for matte makeup applications due to its high absorption quality. This quality makes it famous in foundations, which are avidly applicable in improving the beautiful texture of the skin. Other products that use our form of Zinc include the following:

  • Eyeshadow
  • Facial powder
  • Blush
  • Body powder
  • Body lotions
  • Concealer
  • Eyeliner
  • Bronzers
  • Brow liners
  • Oil controllers

The scientific composition of Zinc Stearate

It is fine, soft, and white. The dust does not have an odor, making it perfect for cosmetic use and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The molecular weight of the particles is 632. The individual particles are incredibly tiny and can be less than one micron in diameter. The high specific surface could be as small as 25,000 square centimeters per gram.

Are there safety measures to the use of Zinc?

Cosmetic application of the ingredient occurs in meager quantities. The result is usually low to medium possibilities of a hazard for people with susceptible skin. OSHA indicates that the Zinc can be a human irritant in large quantities, as is evident when one overdoses.

Why buy from Silver Fern Chemicals?

  • We have high quality at an affordable market value
  • Supply from the direct manufacturer assures you of getting value for your money
  • We have a fast shipping process to clients all around the United States and other areas
  • Our friendly staff will ensure that you have the proper details before making an order
  • Our bulk production will suit any buyer with a large manufacturing factory

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