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Castor Oil Ethoxylates

Application of Castor Oil Ethoxylates:

Castor oil ethoxylates are used as emuslifiers, solubilizers, dispersants and lubricants for drilling muds, cleaning, textiles and tanning, (for example softeners, antistatic oils, fiber lubes and dyeing aids,) in colorants, (for emulsification of pigment dispersions, universal tints and colorants,) and in metalworking formulations, (for example soluble cutting oils and tube and wiredrawing lubes.)

They are also used for the preparation of vitamins, insecticides, pesticides and fragrances in water and in cosmetic products, (for example lotions, creams, shaving foams and shampoos.)

Industries where are they used:

Castor oil ethoxylates are used in the Oil & Gas, Lubricants and Metalworking, Precision Cleaning and Industrial Specialties and Cosmetics industries as well as food ingredients.

Types of Castor Oil Ethoxylates:

There is ethoxylated castor oil, (ethylene oxide condensates of castor oil,) and ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil, (ethylene oxide condensates of hydrogenated castor oil,) also known as: PEG-n-CO and PEGn-HCO.

The number of moles of ethylene oxide can vary.  Castor Oil Ethoxylates with a number of ethylene oxide moles above 25 per oil are used as stabilizers and emulsifiers, and Castor Oil Ethoxylates with a number of ethylene oxide moles less than 25 are used as water-in-oil emulsifiers for the preparation of creams, lotions and similar applications.

Ethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil is preferred over ethoxylated castor oil when higher oxidation stability, lighter color, less odor or higher melting point is required.


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