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Diisopropyl Ether CAS: 108-20-3

Also called “Isopropyl Ether”, Diisopropyl ether is a colorless, volatile liquid with and ethereal odor. It is somewhat similar to ethyl ether but tends to form peroxides more readily than ethyl ether. Diisopropyl ether is soluble in water and miscible in most organic solvents.

Diisopropyl ether is used as a solvent for animal, vegetable and mineral oils, waxes, and resins.

Diisopropyl ether is commonly used for the extraction of acetic acid from aqueous solutions. It is a solvent for dyes in presence of small amounts of alcohol. Diisopropyl ether is also sometimes used in paint and varnish removers; spotting compositions and rubber cements.

Silver Fern Chemical is a bulk-based distributor of specialty and industrial chemicals for small and large manufacturers. We can ship Diisopropyl ether in drums or isotanks. Our goal is to get your product to you safely and efficiently. To learn more about placing an order for Diisopropyl ether, please call us at 866-282-3384.

Also Known As

Isopropyl Ether; diisopropyl oxide

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